Phoenix First Time Homebuyers

Your dream since you were a child has been to finally have a home of your own.  Now you are faced with the biggest question, where do I start?  The fundamentals for obtaining your first home are a steady job, savings for a downpayment, and the ability to budget for your future homeownership needs.  If you are ready and up for the challenge, the Phoenix Real Estate Market has a strong supply of affordable homes for first time homebuyers.  With the current availability of low down payment home loans, and the possibility of qualifying for down payment assistance programs, now could be the best time to buy your first home!

The Phoenix Housing Market is competitive and fast paced.  That is why it is important to have your financial plans in order before purchasing a home.  The first step to purchasing a home is to meet with a REALTOR to understand the market you would like to purchase in, and to begin the process of qualifying for a mortgage.  Century 21 Citywide works with many lenders in the area, and can recommend several to meet your needs, or you can locate a mortgage lender that you prefer.

Once you have been pre-qualified for purchasing a home, you will now have a better idea of the price range that you may shop for to purchase a home.  Keep in mind, while you may be qualified up to a certain amount, that does not mean you have to purchase a home at that high of an amount.  There are many financial factors to consider when purchasing a home besides just the mortgage payment, such as HOA Dues, property maintenance and utilities.  These should all be carefully considered in your personal budget.

Now you can Contact Us to begin searching for your very first home!