In the hustle and bustle of real estate, a lot of time and effort goes into being a successful agent. When you’re not touring properties with buyers or marketing and showcasing homes for sellers, you’re busy networking to gather leads and referrals for your pipeline. It’s a lot of work to build your brand–and it is your brand–so shouldn’t you be getting all the credit for it?


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At Century 21, we embrace you.


Century 21 Citywide was family founded and, simply put, wanted a different way to buy and sell a home. They recognized that agents, and not the firms they work for, are the main force in the industry. They knew that buyers and sellers are looking for a person to work with, and not a company.





Century 21 Citywide is NOT your run of the mill real estate company. You’ll feel the difference the instant you speak to one of our knowledgeable agents. Our boutique firm is focused on our clients experience and happiness. We never underestimate the importance of our clients satisfaction and well being. Our Realtors® are committed to appointing our clients first priority.


Our clients deserve trust, and are rewarded with outstanding personalized service backed by impeccable integrity. The strength of the relationships we build within a community, is woven into the fabric of our long-term success. This is what makes Century 21 Citywide a leading boutique firm in the Phoenix area. The most proven and effective techniques to selling or buying your home require one crucial ingredient – a Century 21 Citywide Realtor®.


In fact, in the National Association of Realtors®’ most recent Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers:

         only 4% of buyers and sellers chose a broker based on their affiliation with a particular firm

         in contrast, 23% of buyers and 36% of sellers chose a broker based on their personal reputation

         another 23% of buyers and 19% of sellers chose a broker based on their personal honesty and trustworthiness

With these statistics in mind, Citywide Real Estate was founded to perfect on what matters: letting agents be the face of the company.




With Century 21 Citywide, agents are part of a unique system where they get more:

         more control over the money that they earn thanks to our low-cost model

         more freedom to brand themselves as entrepreneurs instead of being outweighed by a firm

         more support with direct access to the brokers & owners when urgent questions need to be answered

         more training to help agents build and independently manage their own business

         With our system, agents are given the tools to grow and flourish into more capable, knowledgeable, and self-sufficient people. Most importantly, Citywide Real Estate agents are given the tools to become successful all on their own.



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If you’re an agent who’s interested in taking charge of your brand and getting more for the work you do, we’d love to hear from you! Please fill out and submit the form below, and one of our owners will be in touch with you soon.





We are proud to offer a unique Real Estate School in Phoenix, Principles of Real Estate pre-licensing course is designed to enable our students to become fluent and prepared for the Arizona State examination. Our program combines interactive computer learning, a comprehensive textbook and guidance from knowledgeable AZ department of Real Estate approved instructors. This combined learning system is extremely flexible; after enrollment you may plan your attendance according to your own schedule!


You may start on nearly any date and schedule completion of the course based on your timetable. This course consists of the state required 90 hours and is presented in 18 sessions. You have the flexibility to complete the course in as little as 9 days or if you desire over a one year period.

Tuition and enrollment fees for the 90- hour Salesperson Licensing Course is $395, which includes all textbooks and materials. The textbook provided is entitled Arizona Real Estate Principles and covers each of the specific sessions of the course, providing a wealth of knowledge and insight to prepare you for your Arizona state examination.


Real Estate begins with property, but it doesn’t end there. Here at Century 21 Citywide our mission is to provide our clients the most professional, informative, loyal and dedicated service in the industry.


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